Self Care Workshops

Self Care Workshops

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We all know how important self care is in order to give the best of ourselves to our clients, but we may not always be doing it.

Remember, before we can help others apply their oxygen mask, we need to make sure we have put ours on first. WE NEED TO BE LISTENED TO as well.

But how and when? Introducing a FREE 4 week Self Care Online Workshop.

The Self Care Workshops will enable you to:

  • Prioritise your needs as a GRM Specialist
  • Receive support from other GRM Specialists
  • Improve essential self care skills
  • Prevent Burn-Out/Compassion Fatigue
  • Network with other GRM Specialists

The Self Care Workshops will run over 4 weeks, on the following dates:

  1. Thursday, 17th of June, 7-8 pm
  2. Thursday, 24th of June, 7-8 pm
  3. Thursday, 1st of July, 7-8 pm
  4. Thursday, 8th of July, 7-8 pm

There's no commitment to attend all 4 workshop sessions, and no pre-work to do - just turn up and participate.

We'll send you an email with the joining instructions prior to each workshop.

The workshops will be directed by experienced Grief Recovery Specialists Anouk Wehli and Imke Klie.

Anouk is an Advanced GRM Specialist who is specialised in trauma work. She taught as an outdoor educator for 16 years, accompanied women as a birth doula, supports grievers on their recovery paths and is currently back at school training in midwifery.

Imke trained to become a Grief Revery Method Specialist with Russell Friedman and John W. James in 2008. She is a celebrant for non-denomination ceremonies and has been offerering GRM support groups in Germany since 2011.

Anouk and Imke look forward to welcoming you on the workshops.