Open Ears Programme - Available Now For Pre-Order
Open Ears Programme - Available Now For Pre-Order
Open Ears Programme - Available Now For Pre-Order

Open Ears Programme - Available Now For Pre-Order

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"Thanks Grief UK - love these tools and ideas! So comprehensive, all the hard work has been done for me for the entire year! New PSHE curriculum sorted!"
Sara, RE Teacher, West Midlands

The Open Ears Programme is a user-friendly year-long PSHE curriculum to develop life-long skills to cope with bereavement, grief and loss, incorporating feelings and emotional wellbeing, developing healthy relationships, and resilience into learning.

All the hard work has been done for you in our ready-made Open Ears Programme, which meets many of the objectives found in the new PSHE Curriculum guidelines (September 2020), and includes worksheets, lesson plans, assemblies, and circle times.

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The Open Ears Programme aims to equip children with the right tools for loss, which will be learned in a fun, yet informative way through a series of weekly activities spread out over a year.

Reduced Price For a Limited Period

Usually priced at £244.00, order in advance to get the Open Ears Programme reduced to just £96.00 up to September (inc VAT & shipping - dispatched in August*) - so order yours today.

PSHE Learning Outcomes

The Open Ears Programme will enable children to learn how to listen to their emotions, what to do with them, as well as how to listen and help others.

Children will also come out with plenty of other skills too, such as self-awareness, taking responsibility, and resilience skills.

What’s in the box:

  • 23 x worksheets
  • 36 x lesson plans
  • 6 x assemblies
  • 6 x circle times
  • 24 x posters
  • 120 x stickers
  • 30 x passports
  • 30 x certificates

Grief UK has developed this programme to embed healthy responses to loss in the next generation of grievers, so they can become equipped from a young age with a different set of emotional tools; ones that help broken hearts heal.

*Price includes VAT & UK mainland shipping. As dispatch starts in August, please use a shipping address where someone will be available to receive it.

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