Box of Hearts - Creating Conversations with Children

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Created by Teachers for Teachers

The 52 cards inside the Box of Hearts each have a question or statement to start off conversations for children to share and learn about their feelings.

Box of Hearts provides an excellent speaking and listening activity for children, which can be used for:

  • Conversation starters
  • Initiating thoughtful discussions in circle time
  • Providing ideas for written work
  • Icebreakers for groups, or one-to-one sessions

The Box of Hearts is not just for the purpose of talking about loss, it also encourages children from an early age to talk from their heart with emotional honesty about their feelings.

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Addressing Emotional Loss

In our modern, connected world, it’s easy to switch off our feelings and our need to share. At Grief UK we know that loss is about a broken heart, not a broken brain. All efforts to heal the heart with the head fail because the head is the wrong tool for the job.

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