Bereavement Box of Hearts from Open Ears

Bereavement Box of Hearts from Open Ears

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The 50 cards inside the Bereavement Box of Hearts each have a question or statement designed to start a conversation about the person (or pet) who died - because grieving people need and want to talk about them but many of us don't know where to start.

Following the success of  The Box of Hearts - Creating Conversations with Children The Bereavement Box of Hearts has been designed to encourage people of any age to find the words to share their grieving experience.

Example question, "If you could have one last conversation, what would you talk about?"

Experiencing grief and loss is part of what makes us human. The Bereavement Box of Hearts recognises this and helps us talk about bereavement in a healthy, safe way. We also include guidance on how to use the cards.

Available with or without our lovable Open Ears Bear - please select from the drop down.

Who is behind Open Ears Box of Hearts - Bereavement Edition

Grief UK is an education and training organisation that teaches the Grief Recovery Method, the only evidence-based grief programme in the world. It helps people to learn how to move beyond death, divorce, and other losses.

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