Open Ears Sample Lesson Feedback

The Open Ears Programme has been designed to help children learn how to listen to their emotions, what to do with them, and how to listen and help others.

Children will also gain plenty of other skills too, such as self-awareness, taking responsibility, being a good friend, and learning how to listen.

The Open Ears Programme is a user-friendly year-long PSHE curriculum to develop life-long skills to cope with bereavement, grief and loss, incorporating feelings and emotional wellbeing, developing healthy relationships, and resilience into learning.

All the hard work has been done for you in our ready-made Open Ears Programme, which meets many of the objectives found in the new PSHE Curriculum guidelines (September 2020), and includes worksheets, lesson plans, assemblies, and circle times.

Open Ears Values

The values are in an order, so that skills can be accumulated along the way:
Be Present – learning to be in the moment and listen to ourselves and others
Empathy – understanding others and why they might feel the way they feel
Community – creating a sense of belonging
Encouragement – learning how to support each other
Self-Awareness – reflecting on their own behaviour and actions
Responsibility – taking control of their actions and emotions